Why Hello…

Eeekk you guys this is my first blog post ever! Bear with me as I am still trying to learn the ropes of this all and with a little help from my bestie Kristen. Its funny because I have been following blogs since my Junior year in college and didn’t really start thinking about starting my own until a year or two ago. But with getting a promotion, moving to a new city and starting a new job I just kept putting it off on the back burner until one day Kristen and I were talking and thought, why don’t we do a joint blog together? Umm DUH I was totally sold when she suggested the idea. So here we are now finally getting this bad boy up and running! Kristen and I have been BFFs since our freshman year of college (‘Ray Bucknell) when we happened to be placed on the same hall. We then lived together for the next three years through constant wardrobe swapping, late night dominoes runs, and coming up with the best costume ideas for our different sorority parties. You will soon learn that Kristen has a keen eye for photography, is a DIY master, and can paint her nails better than anyone I know. I, on the other hand, like to think of myself as an expert in piecing together outfits, the brunch queen, and having a knack for great gift ideas. We are so excited to see where this blog takes us and can’t wait to share all of our ideas and thoughts with you all!

xx Britt & Kristen



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