World’s Best Hand Cream


After seeing Kristen’s pics from Park City this past weekend I think I need to book a ski trip out west! I love skiing and have recently picked it back up again so this might be the perfect excuse to brush off my old ski’s. My skin would always get so dry though being high up in the attitude with the cold conditions. When I was little I never really paid any attention to it, however now that I am older it constantly seems to be a problem. I have tried numerous hand creams but nothing seems to have worked. Typically one’s that have a fragrance always seem to dry out my hands even more. Welllllll you guys I have found the perfect solution!! After reading this post, I immediately ran to the Target near my office and grabbed the last tube of this hand cream. That’s how good it is…. there was only one tube left. Now let me preface by saying that this stuff is THICK, my co-worker and I joke and call it the “hand glue”. While the nickname might turn you off, don’t let it. This stuff keeps my hands moisturized all day long, even after washing them multiple times a day hence the name for it “skin food”. The hand cream has a very light smell, it kind of reminds me of almonds oddly enough. My skin has not looked or felt better since I started using it a couple weeks ago. I apply it every morning when I get to the office and then again at night before I go to bed- that’s how long it lasts! I was skeptical to let the world in on this stuff but its too good not to share plus you can’t beat the price ($12.99!).

Let me know what you think!

xx Brit

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