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Sunny Days Ahead

{Pink Tortoise Sunnies// Camel Tortoise Sunnies//Milan Mirrored//Silver Sunnies//“Thunderdome” Sunnies//Heart Sunnies}


It finally feels like spring has sprung here in Chicago and I could not be more excited! It always seems like our winters last forever, so that when spring does finally decide to show up, you can’t be help but smile and want to be outside every second. This past weekend it was gloriously warm and I spent my Saturday hanging at Parlor Pizza Bar in the West Loop on their patio (check it out, awesome spot!) and Sunday I went back to the ‘burbs to play some golf and try to work on adding a little color to my ghostly pale skin. Suns out guns out right? Seeing everyone outside this weekend really made me want to step up my sunnies game. I typically stick with my classic Ray-Ban aviators but I’m thinking 2016 is the year I be a little bit more bold in my eye wear choices. I’ve picked out a few I’m currently eyeing, including this pair I just picked up this weekend which are 25% off!

xx Britt

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