What’s in My Carry-On

Over the past few years, I’ve been traveling a LOT. Between work trips, weekends with family, and weddings, I’m usually out of town at least 1-2 weekends every month. With all of this experience, I’ve come to think of myself as a pretty efficient traveler and thought I’d start sharing a few travel tips and tricks I’ve picked-up on along the way.

First up: my carry-on bag!

Regardless of the season or destination, my carry-on bag looks almost exactly the same. I’ve figured out which items are my must-haves and haven’t strayed since!

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat is that I pack my carry-on bag with a lot of smaller compartments to help keep things organized. Yep, bags inside of bags are the secret to success here! That way instead of having a bunch of stuff floating around, I know exactly where to find everything.


1) Laptop, iPad, Headphones
These are pretty self-explanatory, but they’re must-haves on every flight! I use my computer if I want to get some work done on the flight and use my iPad for entertainment. The iPad is especially clutch if you finish your book before the return flight home so you can download a new one!

2) Toiletries Bag
This bag contains all of my toiletries and beauty products. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

{Living Proof Travel Set//Heat Protector//Hairspray//Tinted Moisturizer//Clips}

I love having mini versions of my favorite things because it makes me feel so prepared! Pro tip – reuse the mini bottles and keep refilling with whatever brand you like.

3) Travel Hairbrush
This little guy may be small, but he packs a punch! I keep this in my bag at all times.

4) Makeup Bag
I got this Vera Bradley bag (old, similar) as a high school graduation gift and use it for my makeup. It’s not that big, but it fits all of my necessities (aka mascara).

5) Wallet and Notebook
love my monogrammed wallet from GiGi New York and get compliments on it all the time. The notebook is a lined Moleskine that I use as my daily planner for both work and personal events. I couldn’t find a planner that met my needs, so I used a blank one to design my own. Maybe I’ll do a whole blog post on that later 🙂

6) Multi-Purpose Sunglass Cases
The top brown case holds my Illesteva sunglasses and the grey Warby Parker case holds my reading glasses and a few of my favorite pens. The green case at the bottom has been repurposed as a jewelry holder and contains all the jewelry I travel with.

7) Current Book
I always bring a book (or two) when I travel. I find it’s often when I read the most!

8) Nighttime Bag

{Clutch//NeuLash//Givenchy Lash Booster//Moon Mask//Green Mask//Night Cream//Eye Cream}

I’ve been working on getting more sleep and having a calming night routine has been the most helpful thing I’ve tried to date. Every night I take my vitamins, wash my face, moisturize, and apply my eyelash serums. Something about the routine calms me down and lets my body know it’s time to relax. For this particular trip I also brought a few face masks since I was traveling alone and knew I’d have a lot of time to myself. I pack all of these items in a clutch that I can use during the trip to save some space.


Not Pictured:
– Sweatshirt. I always pack a zip-up hoodie in my carry-on both for warmth if the flight is freezing and to double as a pillow if it’s not.

– Chargers. Self-explanatory.

– Snacks. I like to throw a bag of almonds or a bar into my bag so I can avoid overpriced and unhealthy airport food.

– Water bottle. Because who wants to pay $4 for a water bottle? Just remember to bring it empty so you don’t get in trouble with security!

– Eye patch/ear plugs. I don’t always remember to pack these but these are great for longer flights, especially if you have trouble falling asleep on planes.

I think that about wraps it up! Do you have any go to carry-on essentials?

xxo, Kris

P.S. Brit travels a lot as well and will be sharing what she carries in her bag in a few weeks!

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